Customer Love Manifesto

Digitalization, robotization, delocalization… the customer relationship profession is undergoing deep transformations, notably in a context where businesses continually seek performance at the lowest cost. The emergence of new practices has diminished the customer relationship, typically making it more sterile and sometimes even irritating.


But still! The more we move in that direction, the greater the gap between goals stated by companies to keep the customer and human relationships at the heart of their preoccupations, and the perception by customers regarding the reality of the attention given to them.

Defending and promoting a more human customer relationship

Amicio has chosen to highlight fundamentally human customer relationships because we firmly believe that human relations are THE driving force in customer relationships.

  • They are the key to sustainable performance.
  • They create value that is more global, longer-lasting, and better shared.
  • They make the profession attractive and exciting.

This is a profession where active listening and dialog are leveraged to acquirer accurate knowledge regarding customer expectations, a key differentiating factor for business competitiveness.


At Amicio, we are convinced that emotional intelligence optimizes value creation, both in material and immaterial terms, and that it helps establish the right balance between performance and employee satisfaction.

Customer Love as a guiding principle

Is it possible to talk about love in a professional context? It seems difficult for us to seek human intimacy without that feeling, at the heart of all people, which is the quintessential feature of human relationships in all their simplicity and complexity.

Customer Love can be defined by three meanings of Love given by the Greeks:


Characterizes Love as desire, the will to conquer, giving strength to action.


Represents Love as friendship, nurtured by feeling good together, sharing common passions, common history, bringing harmony.


Referring to Love as a gift, expressed when one wants to be of service, helping others grow, bringing the highest form of elevation.

These three dimensions interact to create fair and sustainable performance, enabling every stakeholder in the customer relationship to fulfil themselves entirely.

This is how we have chosen Customer Love as the guiding line for our methodology, our management, commitments, and partner relations. It is our way of giving the customer relationship its totally human dimension.


We are absolutely convinced that an approach based on Customer Love is the heart of a virtuous circle: making sure that our teams are fully dedicated to make every interaction unique is something that is felt in our attachment to consumers who, in turn, commit to a long-term relationship with brands we represent. 

customer love manifesto schema

We work daily with our teams and collaborators to build a corporate culture of Customer Love, and we strive to foster and grow the three dimensions of conquest, sharing, and giving.

Internal satisfaction study (Pragma, Oct 2020)





of our collaborators are satisfied with their work

In their relations with customers and prospects, Amicio representatives particularly like: 


being of service


Interacting with customers


personalising their response

We work with our partner clients to co-build solutions throughout the customer journey so that every interaction is an experience that sustainably enriches the relationship between a brand and its audience while increasing the brand’s value proposal and sales performance.

Simultaneously holistic, effective, and profoundly human, this approach is allied with innovative business indicators and proof of value creation.