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24 Aug 2021 | Work in the customer relationship

Who is the first person that consumers talk to? In many cases, it’s a remote representative. Whether they are there to improve a brand’s sales or to advise customers, remote representatives are on the front line. They are the ones who listen to end-customers, offering them the attention, empathy, and emotional intelligence that we at Amicio call, Customer Love. We are interested in building a long-term relationship with our collaborator for every potential job opportunity. Today, 86% of the Group’s remote representatives have open-ended contracts. Here are 4 great reasons that will convince you to join our team:

1) We seek specific know-how as a priority

It is our view that the remote representative job is not merely based on skills learned through classic education, but that it requires specific talent and know-how. We are convinced that customer relationships are primarily built by people. Whatever your educational path and skills, we are looking for candidates who possess relational qualities based on love and respect for others. During the recruitment cycle, candidates must demonstrate that they truly enjoy helping people. This is why our recruitment process combines interviews, tests, and situation exercises to ensure that every candidate meets our expectations.

2) You will receive personalized training and assistance

Training provided by a certified organization 
Before working in a production environment, each hired employee starts by spending time being trained by our certified training organization. Training focuses on two main aspects:

  1. Learning specific skills related to the remote customer relationship job itself
  2. Our clients’ business activities, such as insurance, automotive, remote sales, etc.

We also hire remote representatives on “professionalization contracts” as part of their ongoing education, particularly in the banking and insurance sector, with a program that includes over 150 training hours leading to certification recognizing the level obtained.

Ongoing assistance by a team of instructors

Amicio’s remote representatives are placed at the forefront of the organization. They embody the company and the brands we represent. For a remote representative to have confidence that they are in the best possible position to carry out their mission, they must feel that they are part of a team that supports them so they can be successful paying sincere attention to others in a unique moment. Every representative is surrounded by a team of managers, quality experts, and instructors to assist and guide them in their ultimate mission of satisfying customers.

3) We help you build your career

When you work for Amicio, you join a group in which management teams have an internal promotion rate of 90%. It is therefore completely realistic to advance into higher positions such as Field Manager or Business Manager. Employees can also move laterally within the company into specialized Quality and Training teams, and even related departments such as Performance Management.

4) We adapt every employee’s work organization

Amicio was a pioneer in telecommuting, an approach that has been in operation at our company since 2009. We understood early on that employee well-being most particularly involves organizational agility. Remote working offers employees many advantages:

  • It increases their flexibility and independence
  • It generates productivity gains
  • It drastically reduces commute time
  • It decreases stress as well as noise disturbance
  • It helps people balance their personal and professional lives

Our enterprise work agreement enables employees who so desire to organize their time with a mix of on-site presence and telecommuting, allowing up to 80% of their work to be performed remotely. Employees must meet certain autonomy and performance criteria to benefit from this arrangement. Amicio is a leading provider of remote customer relationship management, 100% made in France, for tourism-leisure, luxury, online sales, banking-insurance, and health/well-being sectors. To serve brands in these fields, we are looking for remote representatives for our three sites in France:

  • Abbeville (Picardie)
  • Libourne (Nouvelle Aquitaine)
  • Redon (Ille-et-Vilaine)

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